Services and products

  • Repair and maintenance services of heavy goods vehicles, trailers and semitrailers
  • We are specialist in repairs of roadtankers, silo tanks, tank containers, container chassis.

Many years od expirience with repairs and maintenance flow meters, pumps, hydraulic systems, compressors, welding of INOX, Aluminium and plastic.
Sand blasting, painting, mountinf of compressor, electric power system 400V, hydraulic.
In case of emergency, unexpected situation, breakdown, call us 24/7 days a week. Call us and we help you keep maximum of vehicle availability and deliver goods safely and on time to your customers.

Repair of chemical or bitumen road tanks

  • insulation repair
  • INOX, plastic, Aluminium welding
  • periodical preasure test of road tanks, tank containers, silo tanks
  • modification of road tanks
  • couplings, connections, reductions (Tankwagen, Camlock, bezúkapové spojky TODO, Mann Tek, API spojky, GEKO, SILEA)
    preassure valve, reliave valve, under
  • preassure valve
  • change of gasket, hose, bottom valve, ball valve
  • compressor, steam heating system, temperature gauche, MOT test
  • spare parts for road tanks, tank containers custom made from steel and stainless steel

Complete repair of chassis

  • repairs after accident
  • sand blasting
  • painting, spraying
  • ABS and EBS systems
  • air brakes, air suspension WABCO/KNORR/HALDEX diagnostic
  • complete of repairs brake calipers
  • repairs of axles
  • repairs of electric system
  • sale of spare parts

Installation of additional devices

  • compressor GHH, Garden Denver, Alphon haar
  • hydrulic system
  • electric power supply 400V TRS
  • air condition
  • additional lighs, ramps, GPS

Cleaning of storage tanks, silos

  • pumping of liguids including ADR products (fuel, accids, alkohol)
  • cleaning of storage tanks,
  • measuring of shell thickness by ultrasonic frequency